Choosing Home Projects Wisely

Get Help Cleaning Up Fire Damage

Having a fire in your house is always a problem, not matter how big it is. Even a little fire can cause a lot more damage than you might have imagined. If it didn’t burn a large area, then you are still going to end up with soot and smoke damage. Trying to clean it […]

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Tips For Cleaning Your New Stainless Steel Sub Zero Refrigerator

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Sub Zero stainless steel refrigerator. With proper care and regular maintenance, your refrigerator will cool your food efficiently and reliably for many years. An important aspect of your refrigerator’s regular maintenance is the cleaning of the refrigerator’s interior and exterior, as well as the condenser. Follow the tips […]

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3 Tips To Prepare Your Roof For The Summer

Winter is typically a season that wrecks havoc on the roof and exterior of your home. As the weather finally breaks, it’s a good idea to head outside and look for any damage that Old Man Winter may have caused. One area you definitely don’t want to neglect is your roof. If you’ve never climbed […]

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3 Potential Hiding Places For Mold Growth

As a homeowner, hidden mold growth is something that may concern you. If you have ever had a flooded basement or leaking pipe, chances are that it could have created an ideal environment that is a breeding ground for mold. It is a toxic material that can be dangerous to breath in, especially if you […]

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Dispelling A Couple Of Mold Remedy Myths

Mold is a common problem that can strike almost any type of building, and when this issue arises, it can cause severe health problems for individuals inside the structure. While it is possible to have mold removed from a building by professionals, many people make the critical mistake of believing some misconceptions about mold that […]

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