Mold is a common problem that can strike almost any type of building, and when this issue arises, it can cause severe health problems for individuals inside the structure. While it is possible to have mold removed from a building by professionals, many people make the critical mistake of believing some misconceptions about mold that can cause them to leave their homes vulnerable to this particular threat. By dispelling a couple of these common ideas about mold, you should be in a better position to recognize and treat this problem when it strikes your home. 

Myth: Mold Is Only Caused By Water Damage

Mold is one of the most common byproducts of a home that has suffered extensive water damage, but some homeowners make the mistake of assuming that this is the only way that this problem can develop within a home. In fact, mold can start growing in any damp and dark environment, and every home is filled with spots like these. 

For example, the air conditioning vents are often a prime location for the growth of mold spores. These areas have extremely high humidity and low temperatures which can be the perfect environment for allowing mold spores to quickly develop into a thriving colony. If you notice the early warning signs of mold, such as a foul odor or visible colonies, you should contact professional mold removal experts to address this situation before your family experiences a potentially serious complication as a result of this exposure. 

Myth: Bleach Can Thoroughly Sanitize A Surface Of Mold

There is another common misconception that you can simply spray bleach on a mold colony to remove it. While it is true that the bleach will neutralize the mold that it comes into contact with, it should be noted that the bleach will be unable to reach all of these spores. This stems from the fact that much of the mold colony will exist below the surface of whatever material it is growing on. 

The only way to eliminate mold spores that may be hidden below the surface of materials is with the use of high-pressure treatment devices. These tools are able to apply enough force to allow sanitizing agents to reach deep into porous surfaces.

If you have mold growing inside your home or business, it is critical to have it removed before it can cause individuals to experience health problems. However, if you have never encountered this routine problem before, there is a good chance that you will likely need a couple of myths dispelled before you're able to make informed decisions about how to have this problem addressed. You can get additional info about mold myths and facts (as well as help dealing with the problem) by contacting your local repair and restoration company.