As a homeowner, hidden mold growth is something that may concern you. If you have ever had a flooded basement or leaking pipe, chances are that it could have created an ideal environment that is a breeding ground for mold. It is a toxic material that can be dangerous to breath in, especially if you have children in your home. Search these three areas to see if you have mold growth that should be removed.

Hot Water Tank Closet

If your home has an electric water heater, it doesn't need the ventilation that a gas water heater does. That's why electric heaters are possible to have installed in a small closet in your home. This is typically done in homes that don't have a basement, as the water heater needs to be installed on the main floor.

Unfortunately, these small closets can be a place where mold can easily grow due to the increased humidity inside it. With the water tank being located so close to your living spaces, it makes the chance much higher of mold being in the air you breath. Older water tanks are also more prone to leaking, and that will increase the chance of mold forming.

You should regularly monitor the hot water heaters for leaks to prevent mold from forming.

Your Basement

Your home's basement can be a place for mold to form due to the high humidity, and you are more at risk for mold if you ever had water in your basement. Mold tends to grow in corners of your basement because that's where moisture collects, but mold can also form in wood that has gotten wet from a flood.

Using a dehumidifier in your basement will help prevent mold from forming, but you also need to clean up water properly when it gets in your basement.

Underneath Bathroom Tiles

Chances are you are walking on your bathroom floor every single day with wet feet, and you may have discovered some mold forming within the grout. When you combine the wet floor and high humidity of a bathroom, it makes sense that mold could form here.

You may not realize that the mold has actually formed underneath the bathroom floor tiles. What looks like a little bit of mold growth in the grout could actually be grout that has grown out of control and sprouted out through the grout.

Prevent bathroom mold growth by running the exhaust fan, opening a window, and using bath mats to prevent water from pooling on the tile.

If you are not sure if you have mold, you can always have a mold inspection done. They will find the mold that is hidden away and help you get rid of it for good.