Adding siding to your home is essentially like adding a waterproof jacket to your sidewalls. It is a smart remodel for homeowners with aging wooden or brick sidewalls. Vinyl is a much more weather resistant and energy efficient product when it comes to exterior siding. It is a smart remodel for homeowners looking for a low maintenance product that will increase the insulation of their property. This article will explain a few of the best features of vinyl when it comes to exterior siding for residential properties.

Vinyl is Easy to Install

Many people are attracted to vinyl because it is so easy to install. It is an installation that does not need to be handled by professionals. In fact, you can walk into a home improvement store, buy a vinyl siding kit, and start installing your siding on the same day. Vinyl siding kits include all the materials that you will need to handle vinyl on just about any type of sidewall. Most kits include the siding panels (or planks) and all the anchor and trim pieces. You will need some basic power tools like a handheld drill and miter saw. However, the construction is largely modular and the pieces can be attached to each other without any glues or fasteners.

Vinyl is Waterproof and Energy Efficient

While vinyl is easy to install, it is also easy to clean on a daily basis. This is largely because vinyl is so waterproof. You can clean it easily with basic cleaning liquids, or you can just spray it down with a pressure washer. Vinyl can also withstand even the harshest rain conditions. This protects the existing sidewalls and makes your home much more insulated. An extra layer of vinyl will add a buffer zone to protect against the elements. 

Vinyl comes in various thicknesses with varied levels of insulation and protection. Some people add extra insulation when they install vinyl. Fiberglass or foam insulation can be installed behind the vinyl. This will significantly increase the overall cost of your installation, but it can save you money if you live in a very cold climate.

Vinyl siding is a very cost effective home remodel, especially if you install it on your own. It is an affordable and durable product that is also very affordable to maintain. You will also save a lot of money on your utility bills after you install vinyl siding. For help with installation or future repairs, contact local professionals, such as Berkeley Exteriors.