If you are dealing with old worn out gutters, it might be time to replace them. To help you understand when it is time to do this, you might want to take a few minutes to read through the following signs of gutter trouble.

Water Stains Along The Side Of The House

Take a close look at the corners of the exterior of your home and anyplace else where your gutters have joints. Do you see what appears to be a hard water stain? It might appear to be yellow, orange, or brown in color. If you have a water stain that appears to come from the gutter and spreads down the exterior wall of your home, it might be time to replace the gutters. The coloration of the stain is usually the result of the metal from the gutters. This means that the gutter may be rusting in certain spots, such as where the water is building up and then leaking.

The Gutters Are Bent Out Of Shape

Your gutters should be perfectly straight along the top of the building. Take a few moments to look directly at the gutters from the side of the building and from the front of it. Do the gutters appear to be bending? If they are bending in the middle or along the front edge, it could be that there was a massive amount of weight in the gutters, from old leaves and other debris, and that plus trapped water caused the gutter to bend. Once the gutter begins to bend, it loses its integrity and will need to be replaced.

The Joints Are Pulling Apart

There are many things that can cause the gutter joints to begin to pull away from one another. The brackets for the joints can become bent. The two ends of the gutters could be pulling away from each other because of the natural shifting and settling of the home. Either way, once the joints are no longer holding together, the gutters need to be replaced. This is especially the case if there was a natural pulling of the various sections because of the settling of your home. You may now need longer gutters in order to keep everything protected.

With those signs in mind, you should have no problem determining when it is time to call in a contractor who can replace the gutters for you in a timely manner. Contact a company like Gutter Magician NKY to get started.