Frozen pipes are a common concern for many homeowners during the winter months. As the temperature outside drops below freezing, the threat of this risk increases. Understanding the harsh effects that come along with this problem can help highlight just how important prevention is.

Water Leak

The most imminent threat a frozen pipe presents is a water leak. When pipes freeze, any water that is inside may also freeze. Since ice has a greater surface area than water, this in turn causes the pipes to expand. The pressure from this expansion can eventually cause the pipe to burst.

Once the pipe is thawed and the water begins to flow back through, some of it will leak out through the open area, potentially causing water damage. The scariest thing about this scenario is the fact that you might not immediately be made aware of this issue until the water damage is extensive.


One of the most efficient ways to protect your home from this type of issue is to insulate all the exposed pipes. Most home improvement stores sell insulation sleeves or heat tape that you can simply apply over the pipe to help minimize the effect that the cold weather has on it. If you're unable to do this, turning your faucets on to at least a slow drip can help keep water flowing through the pipes and minimize the risk of freezing.  

When A Catastrophe Strikes

When it comes to water damage, you are often in a race against the clock. Reacting quickly can help keep the damage level contained. If you're faced with water damage, turning off the electrical power in the area of your home that has been affected by the water should be the first thing you do to ensure safety. Your next step should be contacting a water restoration professional like Flood Damage Restoration.

The first goal of these professionals is removing the water from your home as promptly as possible to minimize damage. After removal, your home will be dehumidified to eliminate the risk of a mold, mildew and fungal growth along the surfaces of your home as well as your furniture. If you are faced with this type of catastrophe, react right away.

As winter quickly approaches, make sure you are taking a proactive approach towards protecting your home from frozen pipes. However, in the event of an emergency, don't overlook the aid a water restoration professional can offer you in your time of need.