Lead paint removal has been a hot-button topic ever since the EPA banned the use of lead-based paint in 1978, and for good reason. Elevated levels of lead in the home can lead to a variety of health issues, especially if this lead-based paint is disturbed by construction or renovation. Because of this, many homeowners act hastily in order to get this health threat out of their homes, but these hasty actions can often cause more harm than good. Here are some examples of these actions, and how to avoid doing all of them. 

Sanding it Away

Lead paint is perhaps more dangerous when it is airborne and can reach your lungs and digestive system, and there is hardly an environment more conducive to this hazard than during sanding. The simple truth is that sanding away lead paint is the single worst way to get rid of lead paint shy of eating it straight off the wall. Even if you're just sanding away the top layer of paint, the risk of accidentally scraping away some old lead paint underneath is very high. 

Staying Mum

If you've got lead paint in your home, then it can be a big liability, especially if your home changes hands. Some states require you to disclose the presence of lead paint before signing the papers to sell your home or apartment. You can find out whether or not your state requires you to disclose such information on your state's department of public health page. Additionally, if you don't tell a contractor about the presence of lead paint in your home before he or she begins work, then they could file a lawsuit, or at very least stop the project at any time upon discovering the lead paint. 

Hiring an Unlicensed Removal Team

According to the EPA, all contractors who work on buildings that contain lead paint are required to be certified as lead-safe. This provides an easy and useful litmus test for potential contractors to choose from if you want to renovate. If you want to remove the lead paint altogether, then you should keep an eye out for contractors that are certified in lead paint abatement, risk assessment, and inspection specifically. 

The only way to fully free your home of the nightmare that is lead-based paint is to hire an experienced, licensed lead paint abatement team with experience in the matter. Companies that specialize in lead paint removal, such as http://www.colfaxcorp.net, know all of the steps and regulations necessary to protect you and your family from lead contamination that may come from the paint in your home.