Indoor air is often laden with mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and other allergen particles that can irritate your eyes and make breathing difficult. Cleaning up your indoor air might sound like a major project, but in fact you can improve the quality of your air by taking just a few simple steps. You could probably complete all of these in a single afternoon if you work at it!

Change your furnace filter.

As your furnace filter gets clogged with dust and dirt, it stops trapping these particles properly; the dust and dirt then end up being strewn about your home whenever the heat kicks on. Slide that furnace filter out of its slot, take it to the hardware store, and buy a new one in the same size. And then keep up with changing it every month or so.

Vacuum out your air vents.

Especially if your filter was dirty, allergen particles are likely hiding out in your duct system and vents. You can have your ducts professionally cleaned by a company like Dove Services Inc, or you can minimize the issue yourself by vacuuming out all of your vents. Remove the vent covers (you simply have to unscrew them), and use the wand attachment of your vacuum to suck up as much dust as possible.

Wash your window treatments.

Admit it – you don't clean your blinds or curtains as often as you should! Whenever a breeze blows past, the allergens these items are harboring go back into your air. Take down your curtains and give them a good wash. (Read the tags first – some have to be dry cleaned.) If you have blinds or shades, moisten a cloth with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down.

Move your furniture and vacuum behind it.

Here's a little secret: the dust that seems to be "trapped" behind your furniture is not as trapped as it looks. All it takes is a breeze from an open window or someone walking past to blow some of it back into the air. Move all of your furniture away from the walls, and vacuum behind it. Also, move your bed to the side and vacuum the space where it was sitting. You'll be shocked by how dirty the carpet is under there.

Give pets a bath.

If you have dogs or cats, give them a bath. This will reduce the amount of dander they are giving off, which will improve your air quality. If you're not confident bathing your pet yourself, take them to a groomer on a regular basis.