Does your house look like a disaster because it recently had an electrical problem that sparked up a fire? If you feel hopeless about bringing your house back to a good condition, you can rest easy because all it takes is assistance from a restoration company to get rid of the fire and smoke damage. Take a look at the article below to gain more insight on what a fire and smoke damage restoration company can do for your house.

Soot Removal from Your Belongings

After a house fire, soot can get all over the house and become difficult to clean. If you hire a restoration company for the soot problem, they will be able to remove it in no time. All of your personal belongings will be individually cleaned to get rid of the soot. You will benefit because rather than throwing items you're your clothing away, you will be able to keep them and save money. Soot will also be removed from the ceilings, floors and walls.

Smoke & Mold Odor Removal

The strong odor of smoke can get into your belongings and keep your house smelling horrible for a long time after a fire. It is not likely that you will be able to use general air freshening products to get rid of the odor. A restoration company will be able to remove the odor of smoke by using an ozone generator. Basically, the generator is able to release ozone into the air of your house to naturalize the strong smoke odor that is in your belongings and give them a fresh scent. An ozone generator is also an ideal way to get rid of the odor that is left behind by mold and mildew. Just like smoke, the smell of mold and mildew can linger in your house for a long time without the use of an ozone generator.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Unless the carpet in your house has been damaged beyond repair, a restoration company will be able to thoroughly clean it on your behalf. The cleaning process will involve remove the carpet so the padding beneath it can be replaced. The carpet will then be put reinstalled and cleaned to get rid of stains from soot, mold and mildew. Your carpet will also be deodorized when the contractors have finished cleaning it. Speak to a fire and smoke damage cleaning service about your needs so they can get to work as soon as possible.