Running water is a modern convenience that few households would want to live without, but when a pipe bursts, it can be a real hassle, especially if it happens when you're not at home and the water floods an area of your home. After your house is flooded due to a pipe breaking, it is essential to act fast. Use the following tips to take care of a flooding problem in your home:

Immediately Turn Off the Water Main

When you see water flowing out of a broken pipe and flooding your home, don't panic and try to develop a quick fix to patch up the pipe--just turn off the water main to prevent further damage. In many cases, the lever for the water main is located outside near your electric meter and other utility boxes, or in the basement. If there is standing water in any area of your home, it is also in your best interest to turn off the electricity and then unplug electronics and appliances in the flooded room in order to avoid an electrical problem.

Contact Your Homeowners Insurance Company

While many homeowners insurance policies do not cover the cost of cleaning and repair after water damage from a flash flood or very strong storm, most policies do cover damage caused by broken pipes within the home. After you have stopped the water from running through the broken pipe, call your insurance company to file a claim so you can get financial assistance to make repairs as quickly as possible. You may want to take photographs of the flood damage to show to your insurance adjuster.

Hire a Water Damage Repair Service

Cleaning up after a flood, especially if it happened in a room with carpeting, can be incredibly difficult-- instead of attempting to do it yourself, hire a water damage repair service. These types of companies have powerful pumps that can remove water very quickly as well as de-humidifiers that work fast to dry out a flooded room. Removing the water quickly and drying out the area fast is absolutely essential if you want to prevent mold growth in your home. 

Get Bids for Repair Work

After your home is completely dried out, the damage can be better assessed. Depending on how much water flooded the room, you may need new flooring, and your drywall may have been damaged and need to be repaired. Reach out to your homeowners insurance company--they can often suggest reputable companies to do repairs on your home after a flood. 

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