If you have a wood bench for your yard, then you may want to keep it looking great with a fresh coat of paint in a new color. A new pain tjob can turn that bench into one that looks brand new. You can also add even more to its look by making decorative pillows to pad the seats with. When it comes to painting the bench in a new color, you want to follow the instructions provided here.

Prepare the bench for a fresh coat of paint

The first thing you want to do when it comes to preparing the wood bench for a fresh coat of paint is to get the current coat of paint off of it, so you have a clean surface to paint. The easiest way for you to remove the paint is to strip the paint off using a paint stripper. Make sure you follow the instructions on the can of paint stripper to the letter. You want to be sure you have proper ventilation when you are using a paint stripper to remove the old paint off of the wood bench.

Give the wood a light sanding to smooth it out. After you have sanded all of the surfaces of the wood bench, you want to take a rag and remove all of the sawdust from the bench. You should remove the bench from the area and sweep the area so there is no more dust left if it is the same spot where you plan on painting the bench. Otherwise, that dust will get in the fresh paint and ruin your paint job.  

Paint the wood bench

Once the bench is ready, you can put a coat or two of primer on the bench, then apply a couple of coats of paint once the primer has dried. Allow the bench to dry all the way before you touch it. Once it is dry, you can move it to where you want it and make your pillows.

Make pillows for the seats

Purchase some flat throw pillows. Purchase some fabric that complements the color you have painted the bench. Sew pillow cases for the throw pillows. You should leave one end open or sew a zipper to close it. This way, you can easily wash the pillow cases often, since they will go on an outdoor wood bench and that means they will likely need cleaning quite often.