Dealing with a situation that calls for the attention of a fire restoration services professional may leave you wondering what exactly can or cannot be done about your situation. While folks in the fire damage restoration industry might seem like miracle workers, there are limits to their skills and to what can be done regardless of anyone's talents.

Can Do: Assess the Structural integrity of Your Building

The first question following a fire is whether or not the structure is safe. That includes concerns about whether you can even safely go in to search for any belongings that might have survived and the issue of whether a building can be restored at all.

Your fire damage restoration contractor will take a close look at critical parts of the structure, such as the main support beams, to assess what condition they are in. They'll let you know if they feel comfortable with a restoration effort or if they believe the problems are serious enough to either warrant a major rebuild or a complete demolition. Folks in this business are licensed professionals, and you may rest assured they'll care immensely about whether your place is safe.

Can't Do: Full-On Arson Investigations

While the contractor you're dealing with may have a pretty good idea of whether a fire was set intentionally, ultimately making that determination is always the job of your local fire marshal. A fire damage restoration services provider, however, will make all information they gather available to both the authorities and your insurance carrier. Whatever assistance they're asked to render, they'll make their best effort.

Partially Can Do: Addressing Water Issues

The effort to put a fire out is likely to call for a lot of water to be used. Consequently, most fire damage restoration efforts are, by extension, also water damage recovery projects. Drying things out is usually well within a contractor's means, but other issues, such as mold, may call for some additional help.

Can Do: Cleaning Up

Tracking down all the soot that ends up in a building following a fire is a major chore. It's hard to imagine all the places the smoke from a fire can reach, including areas far from where the blaze occurred. If it's in your building and air can flow to it, there's a good chance you'll need to have a fire damage restoration technician take the time to clean it out.

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