Every year, homes are completely lost to house fires. However, there are also a lot of homes that catch on fire and are quickly extinguished thanks to things like smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, and rapidly responding fire personnel. If the flames were put out and your home was mostly spared, you will still need the help of a smoke damage restoration company. The pros will try to save everything they can in your home, but there will be some things that will most likely have to go. 

Carpet Flooring 

That beautiful carpet you just had installed a few months ago may not seem all that bad. It may only have a few soot stains and one spot that is slightly charred. Unfortunately, it is probably going to have to be removed by the smoke damage restoration company and thrown away. Fibrous implements in a house that has been through a fire tend to absorb all of those horrible smoke odors. No matter how much you scrub, shampoo, and steam, the rug is likely not going to be salvageable. Even if the professionals were able to get the smoke odors out of the rug, these odors can go all the way down into the padding beneath. 

Ceiling Drywall 

When a house catches on fire, smoke accumulates in the rooms and it rises up toward the ceiling. Even if a fire never made its way to some rooms, the smoke probably did, which means there can be a lot more smoke damage on drywalled ceilings than what there is on drywalled walls. It is not uncommon for drywall on either the walls or the ceiling to have to be pulled down, but the ceilings tend to get the worst of the smoke damage. 

Unfinished Wooden Pieces 

If you have a lot of woodwork in your home, such as hardwood flooring, cabinetry, and trim, it can be in danger after a fire even if was not charred or burned. Wood pieces finished with a thick coat of polyurethane sealer can usually be cleaned, but any unfinished or barely finished wood could have to be removed. Not only does wood absorb the odor of smoke, but it can also absorb small particles from the smoke that will cause permanent discoloration. Therefore, even if the smoke odors can be eliminated by professionals, the wood may never actually look clean even if it goes through a cleaning process.